Day 1 – Tsitsikamma Community Wind Farm

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This project tells the story of South Africa as the land of opportunities and how a man, Mike Mcebisi Msizi, enabled transformational opportunities for the Tsitsikamma Mfengu with the phrase ‘Just Imagine’.

The introduction of South Africa’s electricity crisis in 2007 created the opportunity for Mike to creatively imagine a response to this crisis through his vision of a wind farm on the land of the Tsitsikamma Mfengu.

I can fix that and make a good business out of it too’ Mike Msizi

This dream set in motion a chain of events which resulted in partnerships which included amongst others Mike Msizi, local community members, South African companies, local government and the Danish government. It is a story where struggle, innovation, negotiation, loss, mourning, success and celebration cumulate into the transformation of many people’s lives as epitomized by the rising wind towers on the community owned land of the Tsitsikamma Mfengu. This project tells the story of how – through building and maintaining relationships – dreams are turned into reality, ensuring that the local community and environment benefit from it and by doing this, keeping the legacy of Mike Mcebisi Msizi alive.