Institute for Transdisciplinary Development


ITD is a human capital consulting company that partners with client companies using “best practice” services to assist them in maximising their performance by enhancing workforce efficiencies.

Transformation through participation is at the heart of what we passionately do at ITD. Since 1995, we have been developing and implementing participatory practices to transform complex behaviour in both individuals and communities. These years of experience have contributed towards the development of skills to address complex challenges, and to improve personal and group interaction across a diverse spectrum of social contexts and capabilities.

Our commitment to transformation through participation has resulted in the use of a transdisciplinary approach in all the services that we offer.


The transdisciplinary approach is a framework for allowing professional and dedicated members of an ITD team, including the client company representatives, to contribute knowledge and skills, to collaborate with other members and to collectively determine the product and service that would best benefit a client. We have an extensive network of transdisciplinary specialists, which ensures that each aspect of our intervention is delivered and managed by people who are fit for purpose. Transdisciplinary team members contribute their own knowledge and expertise in a collective effort to determine the best practices and approaches to address challenges and facilitate transformation.

Our projects are monitored and evaluated with the aim of identifying the impact of our services. The intention is to demonstrate the value of the investment that the client is making and to make the most of the investment by improving the project based on continuous feedback. Determining the return on investment of our services to our clients reflects our commitment to business excellence.


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