Pre-Conference Workshop

Saturday 8 July 2017

Morning workshop: Social Construction, Relational Theory and Change Practices  

Target Audience: All
Presenters: Ken and Mary Gergen

In this workshop participants are introduced to social constructionism and the relational perspective with which it is closely related. In addition, numerous practical applications – in organizations, therapy, education, community development, and more – are explored. Special topics include language and meaning-making, poly-vocality, transformative dialogue, and values and spirituality. Participants with a background in social constructionism have an opportunity to explore issues of special relevance to their projects and practices. The workshop style is discussion and activity oriented.


Afternoon workshop: Stepping into a Transdisciplinary world

An introduction of transdisciplinary practices will be facilitated by Dr Johann Roux and Dr Dirk Kotzé (ITD).

More information about workshop to follow shortly.