Why become a sponsor?

This conference is about what has been done – successfully – in the African context and to use these success stories and their related practices to inspire a constructive mind-set and approach to be applied in all new ventures and projects – small or big – to the benefit of Africa and her people.

By becoming a sponsor of this conference, your business is displaying support of a view that Africa – its people and its context – poses many opportunities for successfully addressing challenges unique to the African landscape. Your organisation will be partnering with other like-minded people, in the private and public sector, who believe that through practices of collaboration, valuing of local knowledge and an appreciative approach, projects (no matter what their size) can be successfully planned, implemented and sustained to the benefit of all relevant stakeholders.

Your organisation’s visibility at this conference will be a testimony of your values and commitment to support sustainable, collaborative initiatives and projects that were able to address complex challenges through innovative practices, to the benefit of all stakeholders. It also speaks of your commitment to inspire and support others in the constructive development of the African continent.


Who are the conference attendees?

Due to the transdisciplinary nature of this conference, it will be attended by people and organisations who are committed and interested in successfully developing, supporting and participating in African development projects both on a micro and macro scale. Critical focus areas for Africa and relevance for this conference includes:

  • Education (focus areas including among other primary education)
  • Infrastructure (focus areas including amongst others; water; electricity; science and technology that are environmentally sustainable)
  • Health (focus areas including amongst others combating HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases)
  • Economy (focus areas including amongst others SME development; entrepreneurial development; sustainable agriculture, high performing organisations)
  • Government (focus areas including amongst others good governance, stakeholder economic development, infrastructure development, poverty alleviation, education, sport etc.)
  • Culture (focus areas including amongst others fundamentalism and its effects on conflict and relationships; race; gender)

Conference attendees are inclusive of representatives in the above critical focus areas.


Inquiries & sponsorship application

Please contact us for any further information that will assist you in making your decision regarding sponsorship. For further inquiries as well as application for sponsorship, queries can also be directed to Jean Coetzee.

Jean Coetzee +27 84 777 1997 Jean.coetzee@itd.ac.za